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Rachel Mother Goose

Origin: Japan / South Korea

Genre: Neoclassical/Progressive Metal

Since: 1999

Label: Spiritual Beast / Universal Music Japan

Hideshi Ueki - Guitars
Sunghoon Kim - Vocals

Kaz Nakamura - Bass

Takumi Matsubara - Keyboards

Hiroki Hori - Drums


Rachel Mother Goose are:

( L to R ) Hiroki Hori, Kaz Nakamura, Sunghoon Kim, Hideshi Ueki, Takumi Matsubara


In 1999, led by Hideshi Ueki (G), RMG was formed with Die (Vo), Seigen (B), Rinnba (Key), Yasuhiro Iida(Dr) in Nagoya, Japan. They played neoclassical heavy metal, taking Hideshi’s guitar-playing, heavily influenced by Yngwie Malmsteen and Rainbow . RMG recorded and released first album, Magic Wand, independently in 2000, and signed with Japanese heavy meal label, Jackhammer Music.


Following the release of 2nd album, Nadir (2002), from the label, the band announced a new lineup, changing all members but Hideshi Ueki, and performed at World Rock Fes in August, 2003, held by Universiade in South Korea; other bands who played there include BOWWOW, XYZ➔A, and Lolita No.18. We performed in about 6000 audience.

After releasing 3rd album, Fortune Missionary (2004), and 4th, Signs (2006), from Mandrake Root, they released 5th Single, Pray for Revenge, independently in 2012.


In 2014, RMG changed into a solo project of Hideshi Ueki with first-rate support members: singer Sunghoon Kim from South Korea, bassist Kaz Nakamura of Kelly Simonz’s Blind Faith, keyboardist Takumi Matsubara. After writing new songs for the new album, they got down to pre-production in early 2016. Seeking for vivid acoustic sounds, they started recordings at Tapestry Recording Studio with engineer Fuyuhiko Inui in July, where Japanese bands like Solitude and Outrage and United have used. While Shinya Tange produced drum sounds, Yusuke Abe from OUTRAGE and Saeko Kitamae also guested in some songs. Last but not least, they got Alessandro Del Vecchio to mix and master their songs.


On January 25th, 2017, the band released the 5th album, TOKIWA NO SAI, from Spiritual Beast under Universal Music. Currently.
We toured the country with a new album in pursuit of the original.

In 2018, January , Participated in a band competition to get for Wacken open air in Germany and advanced to the final stage.

In October, We will perform a domestic coupling tour with POWERIZED from Netherland, who is a ex Vicious Rumors member of Nick Holleman.


In June 2019, we will record a demo of the next work and This 7th DEMO songs with 2 songs sold only at the show at the Nagoya has sold out. In October, We join with Circus Maximus from Norway in Nagoya Japan. At this time, we played our challenge song , KOTODA MAIST. It was very well received by progressive rock fans.


In 2020, the DEMO songs for all recordings will be completed.

June, recording started at Inui Joy sound 601 studio with engineer Fuyuhiko Inui.

September, Alessandro Del Vecchio mixed and masterd.


In 2021, Finally, SYNRA BANSHO as 20th anniversary of the formation, which beyond the previous work TOKIWA NO SAI, is completed and released by Rubicon music. It was appeared in the review of BURRN ! magazine and get the high score of 90 points.


Now, we are planning a new album tour.


Twitter News

Uma entrevista com Ueki foi publicada na edição de julho do BURRN!
A produção do álbum de Ueki e as entrevistas com o equipamento estão publicadas no abrangente site de guitarra elétrica "Dr. Electric Guitar"!

Um emblema de lata com padrão de capa (Φ44 mm) foi adicionado aos benefícios para aqueles que fizeram pedidos de suas marcas RUBICON MUSIC e DISK HEAVEN. E cartazes também publicados!

O novo álbum do RMG SYNRA BANSHO com muitos benefícios pela primeira vez é um vídeo (40min) com adesivos + comentários ao vivo e do álbum de Ueki e mensagem de Alessandro Del Vecchio! Notícias

Nosso novo álbum foi publicado na review da BURRN!, Uma revista de heavy metal / hard rock lançada hoje no dia 6 de maio. Fico muito feliz em ouvir a pontuação máxima de 90 pontos e os comentários que nos deixam grandes expectativas! Por favor, confira. Fique ligado no lançamento do SYNRA BANSHO.

Nós, cantora de RMG, Kim Sunghoon, lançaremos seu álbum solo "Hegemony Shift" em 23 de junho pela King Records!

Nós, os membros do RMG, Hidefumi Ueki Gu. Kazumasa Nakamura B. e Yosuke Yokoyama, que está batendo no trabalho anterior TOKIWA NO SAI, também participamos deste trabalho.

Verifique os detalhes!
Detalhes: Registros King


[Informações sobre Rachel Mother Goose]

Dia de proibição de informações do novo álbum de hoje !!


Título: SYNRA BANSHO-Shinrabansho


As reservas começam em cada loja de discos em todo o país!

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